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Worldwide delivery
Worldwide delivery
We can supply to every country and city.
Product Quality Assurance
Product Quality Assurance
We give garanty for the lighting for 1 year.
Own production
Own production
We have our own factory. We are able to take into account all your concerns.
Promotions and bonuses
Promotions and bonuses
We offer good conditions to loyal clients. Good proposals for designers and lighting companies.

SERIP style

SERIP lighting . High quality replicas of SERIP organic chandeliers on www.replica-lights.com. The unique design for the best prices.

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Price,  USD
Price,  USD

Range145 – 18895 USD

Dandelion Ray Large
1750 USD
Dandelion Cynara Large
650 USD
Dandelion Hope Medium
2000 USD
Dandelion Cypsela Duo
450 USD
Dandelion Shelter Medium
2000 USD
Voa Plié Large
900 USD
Voa Utopia & Nest Large
2750 USD
Dandelion Hana Medium
2250 USD
Origem Inner Core
900 USD
Voa Nidus Large
1800 USD
Voa Hedera Large
1000 USD
Dandelion Floccus Medium
2400 USD
Vaa Ballerina Large
2250 USD
Voa Float Large
1800 USD
Voa Pixie & Nest Up
1150 USD
Waterfall Torus by Serip
1995 USD
Niagara River by Serip
2450 USD
Niagara Dome by Serip
1625 USD
Niagara Falls by Serip
3250 USD
Niagara Meander by Serip
2940 USD
Niagara Island by Serip
2130 USD
Nenufar Bonsai by Serip
2450 USD
Lines Bemolle by Serip
945 USD
Lines Quaver by Serip
315 USD
Folio Branch by SeripFolio Branch by Serip
1455 USD
Folio Wand by SeripFolio Wand by Serip
3225 USD
Folio Crown by SeripFolio Crown by Serip
2895 USD
Folio Cumulus by SeripFolio Cumulus by Serip
6990 USD
Fascinium Sleet by SeripFascinium Sleet by Serip
2295 USD
Fascinium Hail by SeripFascinium Hail by Serip
2195 USD
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