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Worldwide delivery
Worldwide delivery
We can supply to every country and city.
Product Quality Assurance
Product Quality Assurance
We give garanty for the lighting for 1 year.
Own production
Own production
We have our own factory. We are able to take into account all your concerns.
Promotions and bonuses
Promotions and bonuses
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Established in 1974, we are America's favorite source for newly manufactured (New Classics) decorative interior lighting, exterior lighting, and alabaster lighting as well as restored antique and vintage lighting (Vintage Originals).

If you are looking for originality, style, value and design options for interior and exterior lighting, you are in the right place.  Brass Light Gallery handcrafts the very best wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers and exterior lighting for residential and commercial projects in America.

Each of our light fixtures is made to order for you in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin production plant, giving you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of outstanding metal finishes, creative art glass options, and alabaster, glass, and clip on shades.

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Price,  USD
Price,  USD

Range100 – 1490 USD

design light 18 - 031
390 USD
design light 18 - 032
490 USD
design light 18 - 033
690 USD
design light 18 - 034design light 18 - 034
590 USD
design light 18 - 035
290 USD
design light 18 - 036design light 18 - 036
790 USD

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