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Coral Lamp 40 by David Trubridge

165 USD

Coral is a designer pendant inspired by nature and geometric polyhedra.
Coral was David's first launched lighting design which has informed
the basis of all of our lights since! Coral has won numerous awards around
the world and to date it is still our most popular design, some consider
it a design classic. Coral comes in a wide range of sizes and can even
be used as a table lamp with our special adapter. Consider one Coral
as a feature element, or a grouping of different sizes and/or colours
for a major statement. Coral is a clean, contemporary designer piece
which will be timeless for your interior.


Coral Lamp by David Trubridge


Material: Bamboo plywood
Colours: to order
Dimensions: D 40cm.
Height: H cord 150 cm(adjustable), H max - according to your order
Bulbs: E27, Max 60 Watts.


For more actual photos of the light, please, contact us.

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