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Product Quality Assurance
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Koura by David Trubridge

145 USD

The droplet-like form of Kōura mimics the curled
form of our native freshwater shrimp kōura, named
by the indigenous Māori people. David was also
inspired by the intricately made traps used by early
Māori to catch kōura. Kōura is predominantly used
as a feature sculptural lighting piece, to attract
attention to a certain location. Often it hangs over a
bar, in an entry space, stairwell or even hall. It has
a strong presence of calm purity and beauty that
can be amplified by the choice of finish.


Koura by David Trubridge


Material: Bamboo plywood
Colours: to order
Dimensions: D 50cm; 75cm; 100cm; 160cm; 200cm; 240cm.
Height: H cord 150 cm(adjustable), H max - according to your order
Bulbs: E27, Max 60 Watts.


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