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Product Quality Assurance
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Snowflake by David Trubridge


The idea for Snowflake was influenced by David's artist
residency in Antarctica in 2004. Snowflake is a similar
form to Kina, but has a totally different geometry. In
2015 it won a Red Dot Design Award for lighting design
and has been a popular light since. Snowflake is assembled
from snowflake shaped bamboo components clipped into a
tensile, thin skin. The geometry of construction creates
intricate diamond apertures, allowing light to spill out in
dappled shadows. Snowflake is equally effective over a dining
table, a lounge, a reception or bar. It creates impact through
its scale and cast light and is enhanced further by the range
of finishes.


 Snowflake by David Trubridge


Material: Bamboo plywood
Colours: to order
Dimensions: D 80cm; 100cm;160cm.
Height: H cord 150 cm(adjustable), H max - according to your order
Bulbs: E27, Max 60 Watts.


For more actual photos of the light, please, contact us.

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