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Cloud by David Trubridge 125cm

645 USD

Cloud lights were first launched in 2008 as part of
the Spiral Islands installation of matching lights and
settees. This was inspired by the clouds that David
saw sitting over small islands all over the Pacific
Ocean, which were used by Polynesian navigators
to find islands from afar. The Cloud lights were made
with frosted plastic but were later discontinued due
to the negative environmental impact of the material.
Cloud has now been given a second chance through
a new material. The new version is made almost
entirely of bamboo plywood applied in the same
strips or rings. This allows light to shine through while
offering a similar visual lightness as the former
translucent plastic version.


Cloud by David Trubridge


Material: Bamboo plywood
Colours: to order
Dimensions: D 125cm; 170cm.
Height: H cord 150 cm(adjustable), H max - according to your order
Bulbs: E27, Max 60 Watts.


For more actual photos of the light, please, contact us.

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