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Worldwide delivery
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Product Quality Assurance
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Atelier Areti Triangle

325 USD

We strive to develop something new and beautiful
through our work. We are driven by curiosity and
the desire to explore works that touch us on a deeper,
direct emotional level as well engage us in a
more conscious conceptual way.
These artistic ambitions need to be realized and
developed in the actual material product.
The material realization gives the design it’s place
in our daily life. A well done object will be valued for a long time;
we aim to create pieces that remain relevant
through their beauty, function and quality.


Atelier Areti Triangle


Material: Powder coated metal, brushed brass and glass
Colours: on your order (each RAL)
Dimensions: globes D 20/15cm, L 100/150cm, H 37.5/50.5cm
Height: Cord Max 500cm
Bulbs: G9 LED 5W max for small globes; E27 LED 10W max for large globes



For more actual photos of the light, please, contact us.

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