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replica PUCK wall art 5 rings

390 USD
replica PUCK wall art 5 rings and the other high quality replicas direct fromChina on www.replica-lights.com . The factory prices.
Categories: Catalog, WALL LAMPS, VIBIA

replica  PUCK wall art 5 rings


Collection Puck  is a new concept designed by Jordi Villardell.

combinations create glass ceilings and fixtures of various sizes and seven diffusers. Through intelligent design is achieved that each multiple lamp only requires a single point electrical connection for easy installation on any ceiling or wall.

The lamp is Puck Jordi Villardell a new proposal for the signature Vibia. A current and versatile ceiling that seems to emerge from a game, a visual and mathematical game:compositions and intersections. Circles that touch on some points and overlap in others.

Puck get a lean and formal beauty. Besides the use of triplex opal glass and high quality cast aluminum gives the product a perfect finish. The product produces a warm illumination without shadows or glare, either version halogen light and the low-power version.

The ceiling version is a new concept: multiple ceiling is born. Creating combinations of glass panels of different sizes and up to seven diffusers.

Meanwhile, the version implemented successfully decorate any room.
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