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replica TERZANI SOSCIK Terzani (silver)

390 USD
replica TERZANI SOSCIK Terzani (silver)

TERZANI SOSCIK Terzani (silver)

Design by Terzani Lab.
Made in Italy, by Terzani.

Replica Terzani continues to reinvent the classics. With Soscik, that combines traditional, artisan techniques with cutting-edge technology to give the traditional chandelier a modern update. Created by interlacing metal chain over a nickel-plated frame, Soscik creates a dramatic and romantic effect, while still being able to compliment today's modern luxury. Soscik proves that modern design does not have to sacrifice luxury.

Available in small, medium or large models. Provides ambient and decorative illumination.

  • Small: 28.3"D X 13.8"H
  • Medium: 39.4"D X 17.7"H
  • Large: 57.1"D X 23.6"H
Lamp Type
  • Small: 8 X 35W 120V G9 JCD Halogen lamps (not included)
  • Medium: 10 X 35W 120V G9 JCD Halogen lamps (not included)
  • Large: 12 X 35W 120V G9 JCD Halogen lamps (not included)
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