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PROMETHEUS I+II by christopher boots

1595 USD1995 USD

Prometheus stole fire from the Gods of Mt Olympus and gave it to humankind.

More than the means for survival- light and technology, Prometheus’ gift represented creative potential.

The spark of creation, previously limited to the Gods, gave mortals the power to dream, create, imagine and challenge.

PROMETHEUS I is an ascending blaze of crystal quartz, venerating its namesake in a ring of flame, embodying the Christopher Boots rough-luxe aesthetic and is considered a contemporary classic.

PROMETHEUS II hangs natural quartz crystals downwards like Swords of Damocles, simultaneously displaying signature aesthetics of object, light and form.



PROMETHEUS I+II by christopher boots

Material:Naturally uncut Quartz Crystals, Brass

Standart Dimensions:

diameter: 90cm

height: 10cm

length: 90cm

weight: 14kg

Dimming: 0-10V 


We can also make custom sizes.

You can choose any size and color individually for your interior.

For actual price please contact us.
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