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Apparatus Lantern 3 Pendant

960 USD

Apparatus is a New York based design studio
that explores the relationship of lighting,
furniture and objects in immersive environments.
Inspired by the modernist principle of a total work of art,
the studio is an ever-evolving articulation of
considered spaces and the things that live within them.
Sensual materials like marble, suede, horsehair,
lacquer and porcelain are combined with
patinated brass to create the studio’s distinctive catalog.
Embracing a tradition of studio craftsmanship,
each sculptural piece is hand-finished and
assembled in an historic NY space that
encompasses gallery, development and production.


Apparatus Lantern 3 Pendant chandelier


Material: Brass & Glass
Colours: to order
Dimensions: H 83,8cm, W 80cm
Height: H cord 150 cm(adjustable), H max - according to your order
Bulbs: 3 x 3w LED, E27


For more actual photos of the light, please, contact us.

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