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Product Quality Assurance
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murano chandelier 12-01 by Arlecchino Arts ( HK)

1490 USD
murano chandelier 12-01 by Arlecchino Arts ( HK) . High quality replica from China for the best price.

    ARTE DI MURANO 11-01 by Arlecchino Arts ( HK) 

Size : 120 см* 120  см*  h 80 см
Colour : yellow
Waterproof: IP20
Bulb quantity: 15 * 5 led  W

Lighting are : 20 m
Capacity : 75 led  W
Voltage : 110 or  220-240 Вольт

Material : glass + metall

Design : Arlecchino Arts ( HK) 
Design country : Italy
Production country : China

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