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LINDSEY ADELMAN STUDIO Burst 05.02 replica

690 USD
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LINDSEY ADELMAN STUDIO Burst 05.02 replica 


Inspired by combining the look of vintage French jewelry — especially 1930s-era Lanvin collarettes — with a Medieval flail, Burst uses the same essential vocabulary as the Branching series. For Burst, glass bubbles are punctuated by hand-blown glass spikes and “barnacles,” which have been rolled in 24 karat gold foil.


 Machined Brass, Glass

35" W x 40" D x 20" H

Suspension: Includes 36” or 72” stem that can be cut on-site. Longer lengths available upon request.

Canopy: 5" round canopies

Shades: 9” globes, barnacles with stames, and spikes

Fixture Weight: 28lb

120V Illumination: Double loop Edison | e26 Socket | Max 60 Wattage

220/230V Illumination: Quad loop Edison | e27 Socket | Max 60 Wattage

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