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PHASMIDA by christopher boots

745 USD975 USD

PHASMIDA comes from the Greek φάσμα “phasma”, meaning phantom or apparition and describes the momentary visibility of the unseen.

Phasmida or Phasmatodea are an order of insects, commonly known as stick insects or walking sticks.

PHASMIDA draws inspiration from both phasma and Phasmatodea, linking the supernatural vision of the former with the arboreal form of the later in a highly versatile branching pendant.



PHASMIDA by christopher boots

Material:Brass, copper, borosilicate glass.

Standart Dimensions:

Front view:

height: 138,5cm

length: 263cm

Side view:

height: 138,5cm

length: 130cm

weight: 9kg

Dimming: 0-10V 


We can also make custom sizes.

You can choose any size and color individually for your interior.

For actual price please contact us.
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