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PETRA II by christopher boots

1895 USD2345 USD

PETRA (from the Greek Πέτρα, meaning stone) celebrates the subtleties and complexities of quartz.

Quartz was highly revered by the ancients who believed that it was eternally frozen ice, miraculous because it was divinely forged.

Prized for its mythic origin, its strength and its lustre, quartz has long been used to articulate sacred objects.

Every PETRA embodies an individual stone biography, the resonance of formation made visible by individual colouration, translucency and veiny detail.

PETRA amplifies the mythical and geological properties of quartz, merging fire and ice in stone.

Each PETRA is unique as a consequence of variance to the size, shape, translucency and natural characteristics of the stone.



PETRA II by christopher boots

Material:Slices of polished Clear, Rose or Smoky Quartz, Aged Brass

Standart Dimensions:

height: 22cm

length: 90cm

weight: 31kg

Dimming: 0-10V 


We can also make custom sizes.

You can choose any size and color individually for your interior.

For actual price please contact us.
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