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MOOOI Raimond Half pendant

265 USD

The Raimond Dome is made of the same
mathematical ingredients as its spherical
family members. Also punctuated by tiny
LED lights but amplified with a powerful
light source in its centre. Looking at the
Raimond Dome feels like staring into the
soft glow of a starry night, making it the
perfect light for dining under the stars.
Designer Raimond Puts passed away
before he could see the final design.
Together with Raimond’s wife,
artist & designer Tis Ernst,
Moooi completed the Raimond Dome.
Raimond Dome 79 is compatible with our
Wireless Wall Switch, for quick and easy
dimming that gives you full control over the light output.


MOOOI Raimond pendant lamp D61


Material: Stainless Steel
Colours: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: D 79cm, H 40cm
Height: H cord 150 cm(adjustable), H max - according to your order

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