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replica Juuyo pendant lamp (fish)

95 USD
replica Juuyo pendant lamp (fish)

Replica  Juuyo pendant lamp (fish)

Design by Lorenza Bozzoli.
Replica Juuyo pendant lamp.

Lorenza Bozzoli immortalizes the soft shapes, graceful prints and vibrant colors that represent the essence of a sensual cultural heritage from the Eastern world. Glamorous, poetic and witty, the Juuyo provides functional, ambient illumination. Glazed ceramic. Offered with a koi carp inner decal or a peach flower inner decal.

  • Juuyo Koi Carp Tattoo - The sweetest, most vibrant koi carp cuts itself a central position in the rounded shapes of the lamp and glides through a stream of flowers, resembling a vivid tattoo and symbolizing courage and the will to achieve great things. One of the most beloved symbols in Japan.
  • Juuyo Peach Flowers - Soft, delicate peach flowers find their way into the heart of the lamp and steal a part of it to bloom & protect its owner against the forces of evil. They bring renewal, beauty, youth and rebirth to whoever is touched by the lamp's light. An ancient talisman against darkness.

Koi Carp Tattoo shown.

D24 cm
Lamp Type
1 X 42W max 120V E12 (candelabra base) incandescent lamp (included)
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