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replica Random floor lamp

240 USD
replica Random floor lamp


Replica  Random floor lamp

Design by Bertjan Pot, 2010.

MOOOI Random floor lamp

The Random LED Floor Lamp is the first floor lamp available from the Random Light Collection. In this version, an LED lamp becomes part of the Random Light, creating a long-lasting, energy saving light output. The Random LED Floor Lamp combines a playful design with environmentally friendly technology.


  • Small: 50D X 187H
  • Medium: 80D X 205H
fiberglass, composite, steel, aluminum, glass
Lamp Type
  • Small: 1 X 10.3W; 110V, 2600K(warm white), 300 lumens (included)
  • Medium: 1 X 11.7W; 110V, 2600K(warm white), 485 lumens (included)
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