replica Delightfull MATHENY CHANDELIER 4 levels

pendant Delightfull MATHENY_CHANDELIER_ 4 levels and other high quality replicas of DELIGHTFULL lighting in

replica Delightfull MATHENY CHANDELIER

Ideal for a classic living room with a modern touch, Matheny stilnovo suspension lamp came to reinvent classic designs with a high aesthetic feeling. Its shape or dimension can assume a round, oval, square or rectangular format to suit just perfectly your dining table or living room. Composed by geometric golden tubes, it reflects the sophistication of a timeless iconic piece.
MATERIALS: Body: Brass
WEIGHT: Approx. 50 kg | 110 lbs
BULBS: G9 Bulbs (*not included for North America)
1 arc - 24 bulbs | 3 arcs - 36 bulbs | 4 arcs - 42 bulbs | 5 arcs - 78 bulb