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replica Taraxacum s1

replica Taraxacum s1
280 USD

Flos, Taraxacum Pendant Light

The Taraxacum Pendant Light celebrates sheer beauty as much as it celebrates the sheer genius of its creator Achille Castiglioni. As is true of Castiglioni creations, this stunning fixture dazzles and delights in equal measure. It is an excellent choice for providing diffused illumination and enlivening any setting. See for yourself. White powder coated internal steel structure sprayed with a unique cocoon resin to create the diffuser which is then protected by a transparent sprayed on finish. And that means only one thing: your space will never be the same again and neither will your expectations from pendant lights.

Powder Coated Internal Steel Structure Sprayed with a Unique Cocoon Resin
Taraxacum 1 - Small
  • Diffuser - Diameter: 26.77" X Height: 19.68"
  • Cord Length: 96"
Taraxacum 2 - Large
  • Diffuser - Diameter: 34.25" X Height: 25.19"
  • Cord Length: 96"
120 Volts
Halogen: (1)150 Watts T10 Medium Frosted(Bulb Includ