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replica Spun table lamp T1 (82 см)

replica Spun table lamp T1 (82 см)
160 USD

лампа  flos spun table lamp  T1 (82 см)

     Design Sebastian Wrong, 2003 Steel, pressed glass, aluminum Made in Italy by Flos
Minimalist in design, the Spun table lamp features a spun aluminum frame and shade topped with a sandblasted glass diffuser, producing the perfect balance of light and mood. Includes light dimmer with adjustable intensity from 0 to 100%. Available in your choice of glossy white, glossy black and polished aluminum.
      Sebastian Wrong's interests in purity of form, function and honesty are apparent in the Spun light's fluid tapered base and quality construction. His designs attain the balance between function, aesthetics and refinement.
The Spun family is completed by the Spun light floor and larger T2 table lamp. Spun T1 is offered with a 100w halogen bulb and the T2 with a 150w halogen bulb.