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replica Splugen Brau Pendant Light 2

replica Splugen Brau Pendant Light 2
190 USD

Flos, Splugen Brau Pendant Light 2

There is a very interesting story behind the creation of this piece. Design wiz Achille Castiglioni actually crafted it for a beerhouse in Milan, Italy that went by the name Splugen Brau. True to form, the fixture can intoxicate you at first sight. What’s more, while the beerhouse is history, the pendant light continues to make waves. There are so many reasons why. For one, the aluminum reflector is polished and protected with transparent paint. And for another, the steel ceiling fitting, vacuum-formed ABS rose with gloss white finish. Together, these features give the pendant light an extraordinary aesthetic appeal.



Polished Aluminum
Spun Aluminum Reflector, Steel Ceiling Fitting, Vacuum-Formed ABS Rose
  • Diameter: 14.1" X Height: 8.2"
  • Cord Length: 96"
120 Volts
Incandescent: (1)100 Watts A21 Medium Silvered(Bulb Included)