replica FLOS 2097/50

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replica  FLOS 2097/50

The 2097 Pendant lamp has been designed by Gino Sarfatti.

This amazing model of pendant light has a super structure of iron and chrome brass.

Created in 1958 by Gino Sarfatti, the 2097  lamp consists of a central cylinder supporting different rods adorned with 30 or 50 bulbs, depending on the model. The central structure of the 2097  Pendant lamp is made of iron and the arms of chromed brass. This  silvery inner 2097 suspender is characterized by apparent threads and connections. The ceiling attachment and the rose are in steel.

The 2097 Pendant lamp  confers prestige and elegance to any living room or entrance hall. Like a chandelier, the Castigliani suspender casts a diffuse light creating a warm atmosphere.