replica Supernova pendant red 40 СМ

replica Supernova pendant red 40 СМ

Foscarini Supernova pendant  red 40 СМ

Size:40см W x 48 см D 

max height 600см

Bulb: 1 x 150W

      Ferruccio Laviani Supernova Modern Pendant Lamp Foscarini, imported from Italy. Designed by Italian architect Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini of Italy, the Supernova pendant provides a 360-degree range of ambient illumination. The fixture consists of 14 circular aluminum or steel disks that form a louvered sphere measuring 23 3/4 inches high and 22 1/2 inches wide. Available in matte aluminum or muli lacquered pink.

      The pendant hangs from the ceiling with thin aluminum aircraft cable and uses one 150-watt incandescent bulb. It is perfect for both residential and commercial projects. Available in three finishes: multi-colored pink (a color gradation of pinkish violet color), aluminum (matte finish), polished stainless steel (click image for additional pictures).