Eichholtz Kasbah

Eichholtz Kasbah Oval . High quality replica from China for the best price.

Suspension Eichholtz  Kasbah


Chandelier on a suspension. It is made on a framework of metal.

The model is available in three options of the sizes.

Sizes, cm:

48х29 (diameter);

64х47 (diameter);

85х61 (diameter).



Eichholtz  Kasbah suspension is renowned for innovative lighting design. Kevin Reilly taking a completely new approach with his clever uses of candles to produce lamps that are both modern and traditional. The Eichholtz  Kasbah suspension is constructed from steel and powder coated in black, and holds sixteen electrified candles and two LED downlight. Eichholtz  Kasbah product is a peace of cake for everyone, because it is made by famous designers in the world and it is value for money. It is both timeless and traditional which is most suitable for up market café, restaurant, hotel, retail or even home office and residential project. If you are not able to find a certain series, colour, size of any replica designer lighting, please do get in touch with us via online contact page.

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